How does two times 512 = .99 gig

I have just purchased 512 of ram (PC2700 333Mhz) and added it to the 512 I already have and my computer only sees .99 Gig. Where is the other .25. Did I install it wrong or is my computer not reading it right? Please help.

1 GB equals 1024 MB equals 2 x 512 MB. Sorry, but I fail to see the problem here…

Sorry Tommy:
I was under the wrong impression. The .99Gig went right over my head here. That is almost a full gig which is 1024. Correct. Before I installed the Ram my computer was only registering 506 instead of 512. So actually .99 Gig is the amount I should have, right? I thought 1 Gig was 1000 mb. Are you saying it is 1024? I thought that if I put another 512 in I would have over 1 gig.

are you using anything onboard that uses the system ram? ie, Shared memory onboard video. That would be the only reason you would see less then you have. Because you shouldn’t see .99 it should be 1 gig. What does windows say when you right click my computer and select properties?
But my only explination is shared memory… becasue there is no ram that is 506.

My system says .99GB. Before I added the 512 it said 506. There you have it. I would assume that .99GB is as good as 1 GB. but I would like to know where the other .6 is. Any ideas.

Ok, so you say it was 506 before, try for fun swapping your old stick out and put the new 512 in. If the system still reads 506 then it is becasue you are losing 6 megs to shared memory. Usually it is onboard video cards that share ram. What video card do you have? If it’s onboard go into the bios and I"m sure somewhere there is a setting to share video memory and you’ll see it is set to 6 megs

Thankyou very much. I am sure you are right but will it hurt to leave it this way. That is the way the computer was config. when I bought it. I always wondered about it but never gave it a second look until I added the 512 stick today. I thought I would see 1GB, instead I see .99GB of RAM. I can’t hurt can it? It is Intel 82865G video card.

Mine says 1,048,048 KB (1 GB)

If you dig up your video card info, it’ll probably show some shared RAM. The card “reserves” a certain amount of RAM for itself, which is not available to the system. My guess is that you have onboard video with no RAM of it’s own.

In any case, don’t worry about it.

Thankyou very much. This forum has taught me alot and I hope to be able to help others too. Thankyou again.

No you can’t hurt anything. Do you play a lot of games? If you notice the video is slow maybe try actually giving your video card more ram, because if it is only getting 6 megs then that is not very much. The only way to stop it is to set it to no memory in the bios but I wouldn’t suggest doing that unless you get yourself a decent/good video card… cringes I can’t stand onboard video haha.

These Sony computers come with all kinds of crappy software and I am not very knowledgeable about video cards, but of I ever replace it I will make sure it is not " onboard" assuming you mean attached to the motherboard.

Onboard means that it is not a controller card. If you look in your computer you will see the AGP/PCI/PCI express slots. You may only have PCI express ones or you may just have agp and pci… it depends on the mobo. But the onboard stuff is intergrated into the board so it doesn’t have it’s own memory or resources. Thus onboard hardware will use memory from your ram (which is much slower then video ram) and also cpu cycles.
If you ever upgrade to a better graphics card you should look for agp or pci express depending on what you have on that board.
If you do this you will have to disable the onboard video but that is not too difficult and if the time comes that you want to upgrade just post on a board somewhere and you’ll get sorted out.