How does this scan look?

I’ve been making coasters after coasters with my Prodisc media and Benq 1655, Liteon LH-20A1L.

How is it?

The problem is that LiteOn DVD burners only report the worst kind of C1 errors (E31) instead of all C1 errors (E11+E21+E31) which makes those drives unsuitable for CD scanning.

As most other drives, they don’t report E22 errors (a type of C2 error) and don’t report jitter.

So even though the scan looks good, there’s too much information missing to really call this a good result based only on that scan.

I have been making bad audio CDs over and over with my Benq 1655 BCDB and this drive. I’m starting to think it is the media, but the scans don’t show much.

Should I scan with the Benq?

[quote=justin2net;2202591]Should I scan with the Benq?[/quote] Yes. The Advanced Disc Quality scan using a BenQ DW1655 (or 1640/1620) will provide more information than almost any other non-professional scanning drive. You will have to save two screenshots, however, instead of just one (the pop-up window after the scan as well as the main window).