How does this scan look? Verbatim DataLifePlus 8x on a Plex 716A

holding off on burning any more discs till I know whether this is good or not. I bought these discs a couple of months back after finding out the Ritek discs I had were crap. Hoping these are fine…

It’s a nice scan.

Great scan. Remember, PIE max should not go above 280 and PIF max should not be above 4 (although a small amount of single spikes >4 usually aren’t a big problem).

It’s an almost perfect burn. :slight_smile:
The PIF maximum of 4 is a bit high, but everything else is really perfect. I guess there was a little dust particle where the PIF went up to 4 or something like that.

Yep, good burn … did you burn these at 8x ?

PIE looks great
PIF looks good
TA looks alright (although 3T - the first spike - could be centered better in the 3 tested areas)
Beta is a bit off at the end of the disc … which correlates with a slight increase in PIE towards the end

All ‘n’ all, this burn seems good to me …