How Does This Neo-Verbie Scan Look?

With all the recent talk about how Verbies have declined so much in quality and/or consistency, I wanted to know whether this scan of a Neo-Verbie falls in the acceptable range compared to the classic stuff. I have four packs from OfficeMax, and want to know whether I should keep them, or try and exchange them for some older Verbies:

Looks fine to me and in line with most of my MCC 004 Verbies.


I think you should return them. Coaster heaven. Those scans are horrible and inferior to “premium A grade verbatim” Definitely a faulty batch. Go get yourself some quality media like CMC MAG M01.

I think you forgot some smiles in there somewhere, [B]cd pirate[/B]. :wink:

Hehehe :bigsmile:

I wish my Neos Verbies burned like that. I was in the 2000+ PIF range on ALL my burners.

Now I am gun shy to try some more…

Typical for Verbatim media in “good batches” category , “excellent batches” however tend to scan better (<100 PIF/<10,000 PIE)

Just for comparison , here is the latest disc burnt with Benq 1640 @8X with MCC004 made by CMC (2004 DLP) :

Bah ha ha ha haaaa! :clap:

I did not think that the MCCxxx verbs had declined any real amount ?
The TY/Verb media is another thing.

I dont see that as such a bad scan (this is very good IMO), I would not have a problem with it coming back as one of mine. I have better and worse, something I do think is/has changed is the PIErrors this scan was quite good in that area, but I have much worse (in the 20~40,000+ numbers) with most of the older stuff, even my older Infiniti brand MCCxxx were worse still, but both do seem much better now …or at least for my last few batches.