How does this approach sound?

I have 3 burners: an NEC 3520A, a Plextor 716A, and an older Plextor 708UF. If you ever visit the Plextor forum, you’ve seen my incendiary thread regarding my 2 failed Plextor 716’s, and that I’m pretty much done w/Plextor. The 716A will be going back soon, and I want to fill that hole in my system.

The primary thing I will miss about the Plextor’s capabilities, is the “SpeedRead” feature. I could rip a DVD from my collection and prep for backup in about 4 minutes. I’ve read here that modded f/w for the NEC will remove the riplock, which will pretty much get me to the same place as the Plextor SpeedRead, won’t it?

I’m asking this, because when the Plextor 716 goes RMA, I’m thinking about replacing it w/another NEC 3520A. That will give me two of them. I can use modded f/w on one, to remove the riplock, and keep the other one for high quality burns.

I’ve read the article on modded vs. stock f/w, and it seems like this might give me the best of both worlds. But what do you all think?

My other choice is a BenQ 1620, which I know has a riplock, but does bitsetting–which at this point the NEC stock only does on +R DL. So, what’s your advice?

Why don’t you get a aopen 1648 aap pro, for a read drive.

I have that and a 3500 for burning and its a great combo.

Or hold out and get the nec 4550 , that would be a great combo as well.

Later Andy

The NEC 35x0 will read single layer DVDs at 16x when rip-lock is removed, which is even faster than the Plextor, but almost all new DVD Video discs are dual layer and you will only get 7x ripping on the NEC drives (compared to 12x on the Plextor).


You can remove rip-lock on the BenQ as well with MediaCodeSpeedEdit, and I think that applies to all DVD formats - but you had better check in the BenQ forum.

EDIT: Corrected 8x ripping to 7x ripping for dual layer discs.<!-- / message -->