How Does The 160P6S Read/Rip vs. The 1693S?


My 1693S - though an adequate reader - is not a great reader like both my BenQ 1640 crossflashed to a EW164B - or my NEC 3540 (both read almost exactly alike and flawlessly)-

Am wondering if the 160P6S or even the 165P6S are better readers than the 1693S-

Your thoughts - comments and/or scans would be greatly appreciated-



My 160P6S is not as fast at ripping as any of my Benq drives. It seems to do a good job, but is simply not as fast. It does a good job with quality scans at 8x (as recommended by CodeKing). Sometimes a quality scan on the Liteon is comparable to the results on the Benq 1620/1640, and sometimes not. Results seem to be nearly always comparable between the Liteon 160P6S at 8x and the Liteon 1693 at 4x.

I just bought a couple of 160P6S drives and installed one in my system yesterday and I love it.
Now as for the other one that I installed in my girlfriends system it will not read a DVD unless
you hit the top of the computer then it reads without any problems must be a loose connection
in the cable or in the drive itself :doh: Mine came with PS01 FW and I burned a MCC-004 disc at 8x
and it didn’t come out as good as my 1693S scans did with the same disc and same burn speed.
I updated the FW on mine to PS08 and did another burn at 16x with the MCC-004 and wOw was
I ever surprised :eek: it did just as good as my 1693S did burning the same disc at 8x with it. With the
1693S MCC-004 discs burned at 16x the scans looked really BAD :Z but this drive is a different story
with MCC-004 discs burned at 16x. :clap: Here is the scan of the 160P6S with the PS08 FW burned at 16x :iagree:
The read speed of it seems to be about the same as the 1693S.


Great PIF’s - but not so great (but acceptable) PIE’s-

Looks like you drew a winner - and as far as the girlfriends - well depends on how serious a gf she is… (but I would RMA it anyway-eh!)

@HenryNettles - thanks for the prompt reply - I’m still on the fence between a BenQ 1650 (or maybe 1655) and the 160P6S…


The 165P6S is by stock a faster reader than the 1693S. The 1693S reads burned data media at 8x and burned DVD-Video at 10x, while the 165P6S reads data at 12x, burned DVD-Video even at 16x. On the other hand you can try omnipatching the 1693S to read everything at 12x or 16x and see if your drive can handle it.

I think scanning quality at 4x is comparable, but the 165P6S can do 8x scans that match 4x scans quite closely, though it’s not the same.

But I noticed that the 1693S scans one of my DVD+RW at 4x with less PIF errors (so higher quality score by Nero) than the 165P6S does at either 4x or 8x. So it seems that the 1693S can read it better.