How does SecuROM work?

When you install a new computer game on your PC which is protected by SecuROM, how does it work?

I heard that SecuROM is installed on your computer and can only be removed once the game is removed. Is this correct?

If you rip a PC game, then burn it to a disc, then remove the game and SecuROM from your computer, then put back in the burnt disc and install the game, surely it would work? If not then is there any way to bypass it?

I am a bit confused about the concept of SecuROM, i would appreciate it if somone could give some feedback. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t trust that site as far as I can through it to the trash can. That site is dubious in giving actual information that is relevant to help people navigate to get the right information. I trust that site less then I would trust the IRS.

As you read on you notice how they affect your system performance and thinking a simple uninstall of the game doesn’t remove the DRM from SecuROM from affecting your system.