How does Realmedia files compress sound?

hey all, hoping somebody will be able to shed some light on the little problem, i have been experiencing.

I have some movie files i want to put onto DVD so i can watch in my DVD player… Now this file has the ending *.rm.mpg which is a little wierd.

I used Gspot to assess the video file, and it tells me it is a real media file.

However it will play with both extensions, so if i keep it as mpg, windows media player plays it fine. if i rename it is *.rm it plays fine also through realplayer.

I used tmpgenc to convert it to DVD files, and i burnt it all to DVD, it plays fine, however there is NO SOUND!

i have been trying with RM files for a while, and getting the video across is easy, but sound NOPE!

anybody got any ideas?? cheers people


My guess is that its mpeg video, but real sound. I don’t know. What does gspot report for the video and audio codecs?

Realmedia is a real bitch to convert. I had downloaded some video clips that were in the real format and I could never get them converted properly to mpeg2 because I know that real video uses a variable frame rate. Anyway, post back so that we may further assist you.

Gspot so kindly informed me it does not support this format, and all it could tell me is it “thinks” it is a real media file.

I have found a program called RM converter, however the sound is so out of synch, i don’t think it is even worth the hassle of resynching the sound, as it sounded like a lost cause…

hmmm there has to be a way to do this!

Hmmm… Is there any chance for you to obtain your files in a different format? You could always try TINRA and see if that works for you. But I had little success with it, sound issues as well. Anyway, good luck.

Real Media all sucks…I dunno why people still use it and pay for it too.