How does one cut/join SKVCD .mpg files?




I have landed with a DVD-R with some home-made movie files. One of these files is an movie.mpg, and it is a SKVCD file. It plays well in VLC player.

How do I edit (cut/join) it?



You could use mpeg2vcr. It has a free fully functional 10 day trial.


TMPGEnc (the normal version) has option under File> MPEG Tools. With this you can multiplex, de-multiplex, cut and join most types of MPEG-1/2 files. It wont need to re-encode anything as long as both files have the same resolution, bit rate, frame rate etc.

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Thanks, bandeng. Thanks, bcn_246.


In the TMPGEnc Free Version (MPEG2 support expired) File>MPEG Tools>Merge & Cut window, at first, there is a choice of File Type:

MPEG-1 System (automatic)
MPEG-1 System (VBR)
MPEG-1 Video CD
MPEG-1 Video CD (Non-Standard)
MPEG-2 Program (VBR)
MPEG-2 Super Video CD (VBR)

Question is: how do I know which one to click? I don’t know the file info of my SKVCD.

Thanks again.


Ermmm… well i think SKVCD is MPEG-2, so I would go with “MPEG-2 Super Video CD (VBR)”. If that doesnt work try “MPEG-2 Program (VBR)”.

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Thanks bcn_246.

There’s bad news for me: my machine freezes when I try either of them. Maybe I am doing it wrong. Maybe it’s because the MPEG-2 support has expired in my TMPGEnc.


1 hour later:

All sorts of funny things happened. TMPGEnc agreed, at first to work with the file when I put in the TMPGEnc-SKVCD templates in the installation folder, but at the final stages refused because mpeg-2 support expired.

On the mpeg2vcr front:

I cut (“trim”) and saved the video (772 MB). WMP and BSPlayer played it without sound.

Then I demultiplexed the trimmed part, which gave me one mpv and one mpa file, total 758 MB. This mpa audio played well in all media players (!?@*).

Now I started a multiplex of those two files. The predicted file-size now is 2002.10 MB (!!!)

What the heck is happening?

But I relax. The trimmed part plays well in Media Player Classic. Amen.

Story ends. Thanks.