How Does One Best Use ClonyXL and ClonyXXL with CloneCD?

Does ClonyXL and ClonyXXL automatically set CloneCD?
Alcoholer creates a profile named “Alcoholer” in ClonCD.
ClonyXL has a button to click on for CloneCD but I have to browse for it.
ClonyXXL automatically starts CloneCD.

ClonyXL and ClonyXXL is very old and for CloneCD4.

A new/better Prog is Protection Kill 4.0. for CloneCD4 and 5. You find the new Prog here .

Thanks, I have CloneCD

An English version would be nice

use aray scanner there you have profiles or you can use discscan x

Thanks Knot.

The last time I recently used A-Ray, there was a bug that always returned the same protection that was NOT present. Elsewhere on CDFreaks, I was told that it was a known bug and to wait for a newer version.

I found at

…will give it a try.


ClonyXL and ClonyXXL have a button to click for English.

The only place I can find discscan x is a french site that you have to be a member of to DL.

ok, i will mirror them,

A-Ray Scanner

Alcoholer 4.1

ClonyXL 11.06.2001




ben :bigsmile:

If you click on the DL page, it tells you to sign up to be able to DL.
I signed-up to be a member.
I logged on once but it wouldn’t give me access to the DL page.
I tried to sign in again but it wouldn’t let me.

Right click on the links and press save target as or if you use Mozilla FIreFox Save Link As.

Good Luck!

Thanks bcn 246 for the discscan x.

Thanks $CyBeRwIz$ for the how to.

discscan x is on