How does G7p9/G7T9 compare to retail firmwares?



Has anyone tested these in comparisons to see if the oem drives burn better with oem fw?


G7P9 and B7P9 differ only the the firmware name strings. Where did you find G7T9 ?


sorry I do not have G7T9…just assumed it was out…


The highest “G” firmware I have seen is G7Z9. Not sure if this is similar to B7T9 or not but it was released shortly before B7T9 was so it’s probably not too far off. :slight_smile:


1st few burns done with a Nu drive using G7P9. Burns done at 8x media is Ridata 8x and Best Buy Fuji 8x DVD+R.


I think you’ve already found the difference.

G7P9 and B7P9 are the same.
G7T9 and B7T9 are very different (at this time).
There is no G7T9 (it has not been released yet).
That’s the difference.

So if you want the latest firmware either keep waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) for G7T9 or use the identical B7T9 and have the latest firmware now.


I was more interested in whether there was difference for burn quality with the oem…but I realize there is no fw differences…

I am having trouble getting same results on yuden000 02…I got 2 weeks ago…but I thinking it must be a winxp pro sp2 issue…

looks like I am going to have reinstall winxp pro sp2


Hello to “The usual suspect regarding firmware update questions” danielwritesback :wink:

In Germany, they did not even release G7P9 - only M9 is available. So could you point me to a site (info which country to select would suffice of course) to download G7P9?

Even if I decided for myself that using B7T9 on a “bulk” BenQ would not void my warranty, I got to admit I do not see many reasons for upgrading to T9 right now - I dont do DL ATM as they are much too expensive.

Has someone found other advantages of B7T9 firmware, especially regarding writing quality/compatibility? I do not really care for overspeeding, for me writing at 8x speed is fast enough. I am a little bit conservative (in this regard only :bigsmile: ) and much more interested in durability of the backed-up data.

Anybody who has to share some experiences?

TIA and regards…


here is a direct link to fw off usa website…g7p9


For Freedom Of Firmware, one has to go to the US (or at least leave Germany grml) Thanks for link!

Can one say that using P9 is the most reasonable choice at the moment for anyone using quality DVD±R/W, no interest in overspeeding, no DL writing? Or are there any arguments for such a user to use retail/T9?

TIA, oman