How does dvdfab let you know if dvd5or9



I’m using dvdfab platinum 3050. When you insert a movie dvd, how do you know if it will fit on a dvd5 disk or if you have to split it?
I have read on some of the older dvdfab tutorials that the menu’s will be greyed out. Is it the same with 3050 and above?

Thank you


Hello Keepsmiling
When you put in a movie dvd and then open DVDFab at the bottom of your screen in the middle where you see a drop down menu and it shows DVD5 and next to it shows “QAULITY” if it does not say 100% most likely the movie DVD that you put in is a DVD9


I burn DVD5 discs fine. But though my DVD burner is dual layer (DVD9) compatible, for some reason I get an error message whenever I try to use a dual layer disc.

Any ideas?


If a DL disc is not needed, a popup will alert you so you can use a SL, which is much cheaper.