How does DVD2One work with MakeItEasy?

Anyone know? Thanks.:bow:

MakeItEasy started off in in Doom9โ€™s DVD2One forum a while back. Hereโ€™s the main thread from there.

New Utility --MakeItEasy-- Full Backups with DVD2one

Author jdobbs came up with this cool program before DVD2One 1.1 arrived. It was a way to keep everything on your DVD like menus and extras and as you know DVD2One v1.0 could do movie-only.

Now that DVD2One v1.01/1.0.2 came out with a new feature for custom sizing, MakeItEasy was not needed anymore.

Go to Doom9โ€™s DVD2One & InstantCopy forum and do a search on MakeItEasy if you need more information.