How does dvd ripping from an external USB 2.0 enclosure affect rip speed?



Just wondering if / how putting a fast dvd ripping drive into an external usb 2.0 enclosure affect rip speeds? Any difference with firewire?

Enclosure I am looking at is:


Not sure about firewire, but I have a BenQ DW1650 in a USB 2.0 enclosure. It goes to the maximum speed (16x for single layer recordable media at least) when ripping and produces the same smooth transfer rate curve that you get on an internal drive.


Firewire will be a tad faster and smoother, either should be adequate for video ripping. Be aware that ripping generates a bit of heat, so you want a case with good cooling. (or just leave the top off)


Performance wise, there is no speed hit from the external usb 2.0 interface, vs. an internal connection with a regular ide cable?


EDIT: above is supposed to read “is there no speed hit…”


USB2 is slower than firewire in sustained transfers. That said, either should (in theory) exceed the 16x data rate. Needless to say, YMMV. There are many poor USB2 controllers around that struggle to make it to 8x speeds. But unless you have a burner that’s modded for removing rip locks, you’ll likely not see any issues. Most drives rip video at 8x or 12x. Some will hit 16x on single layer only.

The other common issue with USB is that it does not provide a sustained transfer, as USB is a one-way connection. Results in a lot of little blips and burps in the data stream that can trip the burner to slow down. Firefire does not suffer from that. But again, odds are fair that USB will be fine.

My advice is always to get a dual-link case that allows you to go either way.


Which chipsets do you recommend? (performance and compatability)


Totally dependent on the drive.

Good chips:
Oxford 911+ (Firewire)
Prolific 3507 (Firewire & USB 2.0)
Cypress AT2+ (USB 2.0)
NEC (USB 2.0)



What chipset is this enclosure equipped with?



I believe the chipset in the enclosure linked is NEC.