How does bonding effect discs?

Okay, I’ve been reading some things here about the quality of certains discs bonding. How does bonding effect discs over time? Does it matter if it’s good or bad bonding?

I read that Ritek has good bonding, yet we all know they’re shit. Then I read that Taiyo Yuden has bad bonding, yet they’re what everyone recommends to buy.

So, should I assume from this that the bonding of discs really doesn’t matter?

If the layers are not good bonded air/water can enter more easilly which means faster degradation.

Now incase of Ritek TY.

Ritek bonding might be excellent Ritek does have quite some other problems.

Incase of TY the disc’s have less problems on other levels.Also TY’s dye seems to be one of the more stable ones.
Also not all TY media has bonding problems. Still it’s more common as with other manufacturers.

So what’s the conclusion bonding does matter. But so do a lot of other factors.
And you would like to have most of these factors to be on the safe side.

Then I read that Taiyo Yuden has bad bonding,

In spite of what a very few people will say, this falls squarely into the “cyber-legend” category. There’s no credible evidence of any such problems with TY beyond one, or a few, very early batches of DVD.

Both TY and MCC media are the current contenders for the longest life. The problems I have read with TY bonding related to the ease of separating the discs. I don’t know that ease of separation is a sign of problems.

A “cyber-legend”? How can you make such a bold assertion? I’ve had a few batches of not so well bonded TY, with stamper codes TG001133 and TG001159. TY bonding problems are not rare, just ask [B]dakhaas[/B] for [B]Franck[/B] (I think he has some not so great bonded discs).

That why “legend”. One disc with an actual problem some years ago and then a lot of possible problems. As if life isn’t dangerous enough itself. Me and friends are though 5000’s of TY discs and never a single issue. “Cyber-legend” is a good word regarding TY and bonding problems imo :wink:

5,000 discs eh? Wow… I guess I better ignore all my personal experience, and the issues that have come up at my workplace, who goes through in excess of 1 million TY DVDs a year. Because really… you’ve gone through 5,000 discs :wink:

Bonding probalems are NOT a “cyber-legend”. Really it is a very sad thing that a lot of people would rather stick their heads in the ground and ignore facts then to consider that Taiyo Yuden is not a god among manufacturers.

Is Taiyo Yuden media good quality? Generally yes. Is every Taiyo Yuden disc going to work 100% perfectly? no. Should you be aware of these issues and take precautions? Deffinately!!

Considering the bonding issues, would Verbatim actually be the better choice to go with?

Verbatim is generally pretty solid from my experience… but in North America we get a lot of Verbatim OEM’d by Prodisc, and the lifespan seems to not be as good with these discs. Also, some drives, including most BenQ DW1620 models have problems specifically with Prodisc made DVD-Rs, including Verbatim brand DVD-Rs made by Prodisc. Admittedly, no one seems to have any idea how or why this occurs though, my DW1620 could tell CMC made Verbatim and Prodisc made Verbatim (same MID and everything) with 100% accuracy!

Here in Ausralia I think the only Verbatim media we get is made by MCC or CMC. Both of which I’ve only heard good things about.

Not sure if I’ll switch… but it is something to consider. Though, since I don’t use anywhere near 1 million discs a year, I may never run into this problem with TY.

Yeah… it’s really kind of scary when your in the middle of printing or burning discs and one of the falls on the floor into 2 pieces :eek:

On the bright side, my workplace has been running into less and less discs falling apart during use. Still, what concerns me is that if some discs are literally falling into 2 pieces from regular use (and the occasional assistance of falling on the ground), then how many discs are only SLIGHTLY better off? And NOT breaking, but might fail much MUCH sooner then expected? THIS the is the cause of concern from the bonding issue, and not an expectation that even most of TY is a problem… just some of them (maybe it’s one that has your most precious family pictures stored on it?).

When burning a million disks, thats something I would find out right away, before I buy a million splitters.

I’d just drop a spindle full from some height. Then I’d see how many were only slightly better off. Depending, how important this is, I would just repeat the procedure with increasing height.
I’d do the same with a few disks from a spindle that had a definite splitter, just to take a look at the variance within the procuct.

If you don’t have the time, ask some kids to test the new frisbees…


You know it’s funny you say that… Microboards, the largest distributor of Taiyo Yuden CD/DVD media in the world, actually DID that when I complained to them about bonding issues. As I understand it, only a few discs (out of a 100pc spindle) seperated, and it was deemed to not be a serious concern.

As long as they’re MIS or MIT by CMC, yes.
MCC media suffers from inconsistency though, especially the MII media. But if you order online, this is a crapshoot.
At least you know it’s MIJ if it’s TY!

Dolphinius_Rex: Well, they aren’t that dumb :iagree:

And do you still use TY?

Obviously you’ll encounter more issues with a large amount of discs. I’ve seen almost no variation in TY discs :wink:

For internal use we have moved only 8x DVD-Rs from Taiyo Yuden, but we’ve started using Maxell Plus Series 8x DVD-Rs and Verbatim 8x and 16x DVD-Rs as well. Eventually my workplace will probably have to switch completely away from TY because of quality and compatability issues with TY’s 16x DVD-Rs.

Hmm, real MIJ Maxell. Yummy.
If you get your fingers on any MII Verbs, then :stuck_out_tongue:

What about their CD-R?

Sadly, no MII Verbatim in North America :doh:

For CD-Rs my workplace mainly uses TY, with Verbatim on standby in case of lack of inventory. I haven’t seen any problems with TY CD-Rs (Premium line that is, I HAVE seen some problems with the Value Line).

Does this imply that you only use -R discs there? Anf if so, any particular reason? :slight_smile: Just curious.

DVD-Rs are nearly exclusively used in any kind of professional industry…

Here’s a good post describing why.