How does a DVDRW Drive Spin the Disc?



I have a Liteon DVDRW drive within my PC. Its your standard drive with an ejectable tray. I’ve opened up on before and there isnt much to speak of. I do see the lens and the tray but what the heck is used to initiate and maintain the spin of the DVDR during reading. I see no elevated center clip which attaches to the middle of the disc, i see no over/under hanging pad which will press up agaiunst the disc.

What is used to spin the disc? WHatever it is it certainly doesnt scratch the bottom of the disc nor does it leave it overheated due to friction.



@ quantass,

Google Search ( is excellent source to obtain information.

Also WikiPedia ( and How Stuff Works ( are excellent sources.

For example the below How Stuff Works Web Links details exactly how CD/DVD Burners work ->



bjkg, thanks for the cut & paste but i did just the above and still had issues understanding how the spinning occurred, hence the forum post. No one appears interested in discussing this matter opting more for explaining the bumps and reflection detection.


@ quantass,

From the comments in your #3 posting evidently you failed to completely review the first How Stuff Works ( Web Link I provided in my #2 posting and review all the items under the topic “CD Player Components”

The below “Inside a CD player” picture which is from the above referenced Web Link and the narrative provided in the above referenced Web Link fully explains in great detail the inside workings of a CD/DVD Burner.