How does a DVD recorder continuously record?

Hi Everyone. My first post.

A friend of mine has sent me the following plea for help:

I have a DVD that has 7 programs/videos on it, I recorded an 8th one and it didnt record properly and now I cant play any of the original 7 videos. Does anyone know whether through a piece of software or other means I can delete the 8th program retrieve my 7 original programs and re-record the 8th (I still have this on video).

Which got me thinking…
When I burn data onto a CD on my computer, the software has to put all the files together into one iso file, and then burn it on as one big file.
To add a file I have to create a new iso, erase the CD, and then burn on the new iso.
So how does a DVD recorder record continuously onto a DVD disk?

I think the answer might help me get a handle on what’s going on with my friends disk, and whether he’s got a chance of recovering the original seven.


By way of simple explanation, DVD recorder uses a variation of recording format, either +VR or -VR (depending on what basic physical format discs the recorder uses). It’s not the same as what your PC DVD recorder does most of the time, and thus extra recordings can be added or some limited editing done on the content of those already made.

If the recorder reached the end of the disc then it may not have written the Table of Contents (TOC) correctly, nor finalised the disc. To get any further could you please tell us the make and model number of the recorder, and what physical format disc is in question (either +R, +RW, -R, -RW, RAM).

If you can’t get this infomation then it’s possible to use a program called ISObuster to recover the recordings from a bad disc. I’ve used this successfully in a number of similar cases.

Hi imkidd57

Well, that was the quickest problem resolution I’ve ever seen.
My friends machine was faulty.
The new machine plays the disc perfectly including program 8.
Job done.

Thanks, again.

Hehe… no problem :wink: