How do you

hi, how do you get your usb adapter to work? i have plugged in unplugged but it wont show any of my hardware thats plugged into it?
the lights are on and its buzzing but it wont work, maybe throw it away or install more usb ports in my pc?

First off what kinda of usb adapter are you using and is your USB ports that you plug that adapter to 2.0 or 1.1 specs? What kinda computer do you have the adapter plugged into? You gave very unspecific general inquire that isn’t of much help to know what is going on between your adapter and what your plugging it into or into the adapter???

i have 2 usb adapters, both usb 2 one is an advent which is powered with a plug, the other is just a no name which is powered via the usb, i am using a medion quad 6888 running vista 32bit, i have a few usb hardware items so i need 2 adapters unless there is a larger one available?
the usb ports do not pick up any connected items i plug in but do when plugged into the pc.

are there leds on your usb sticks? if so, do they light up when you insert them in the usb slot?

is usb enabled in the system setup/bios of your motherboard?

is the energy saving settings disabled on each usb device in your operating system?

do you get the recognizable sound when you insert a usb stick?

how many drive letters does your system have? are there card readers inside your system clogging up drive letters? can you assign a new drive letter to your usb device?

hi, i dont think i explained the problem i am having in an easy way,
i have a usb adapter-the type which provides extra usb ports to use several hardware items, it is usb 2 on a pc vista 32bit.
i am not getting my 3 external hard drives showing, i have unplugged the cable while the pc is off and on, i have tried other hardware same problem.
it is not powered via a plug, how can i get the pc to see the usb`s?

There is no need to open a new thread for the same problem.

The discussion can continue here :slight_smile:

Try removing all items you have plugged into USB ports such as printers and then plug in you adapter and see it it will work. Had a person whose computer would not see anything they plugged into USB ports. I found that for some reason the hp 1022 printer being plugged into a usb port was causing the other computers ports not to work. Did not have time to figure out what the problem was, they said they would just unplug the printer when they wanted to use a usb flash drive.

ok thanks i will give it a go!