How do you write firmware?

Just curious…

I think they use a hex or bin editor of some sort.

I figured that but how do you know what to write? Is it like a programming language… I’m interested in learning that’s all

If you know a little about programming and you open the firmware in a HEX editor you can figure it out almost by yourself :wink:

I’ve done a good bit of programming… What’s a good hex editor?

no we use own made firmware patchers of some sort… :stuck_out_tongue:

so how do you begin writing firmware if you ar a n00b??

You could try asking someone on here that does firmware ie quikee,liggy,dee or herrie or someone…
failing that good old google might find you something…

No patcher ever “writes” firmware.

Only the company writes firmware. It’s written in a programming language like C and then compiled with a special compiler designed for the applicable chipset.

A patcher then modifies this firmware created by the company. Either by disassembling the compiled firmwares in order to look at a few specfic instructions in the firmware, and then changing a handful of bytes to change a handful of instructions (for example, change “if blah, then jump to location A” to “if blah, then jump to location B”) and thus tweak the behavior of the drive (i.e., region removal). Or by looking at well-ordered data tables and copying-and-pasting entries around in the data tables (NEC media hacks).



You have said it all; there should be no tout how the firmware design will be initiated. Not by hackers but by established “Design Engineering Department” with real professional Engineers, Software Designers, Programmers and Mathematicians and so.