How do you utilize RW/RE/RAM discs?

In what way do you utilize re-writeable/re-recordable discs these days?

  • CD-RW.
  • (CD-MO?).
  • (floppy disks.)
  • DVD-RW.
  • DVD+RW.
  • DVD-RAM.
  • HD-DVD-RW (including all multilayer variants in all list items, if exists).
  • BD-RE.
  • (Sony AD/HVD if exists).

I do it for:

  • Testing purposes (e.g. trying to play a video file with MP3 codec on a MP3 boombox on CD-RW; readability test by sticking glue to the disc; quality tests with different drives; …).
  • Writing cycle tests (by trying to treat it like an USB stick).
  • Used for DVD recording and dubbing from VCR.
  • Safe writing storage (I see when the drive writes and when not).
  • Waterproof USB stick alternative (maybe just a bit slower). Of course, I do use USB sticks, but they are not water-protected as far as I know. SD cards are sometimes water-resistant.
  • Bootable discs I need temporarily. Frequently used bootable discs are burned to write-once media of course. Or USB/SD.
  • Temporary fail-safe storage. (temporary = data will stay there for a while).
  • Redundant backup storage, just in case.
  • For car radios with MP3 but no USB/SD (CD-R can also be useful for MP3 copies of original lossless DAE’s. Cheapest solution. €1 USB stick only has 128MB. €0.10/piece CD has 700MB. Portable copies of data, where any loss/degradation would not tragic, rather experimentally interesting.).
  • For truly (hardware side) write-protected storage to use (if used) with DVD-ROM drives.
  • Going swimming with it. (Is worth just 10 cents anyway. Nothing to lose. Just for fun.) (It actually survived a day at swimming pool without any visible damage or sector errors or disc quality drops.)