How do you use your BenQ 1640/Philips 1648

Let see if the new burning functions are used by every ones. Feel free to give your opinion.

I only use Taiyo Yuden media and some Verbatim so I turn WOPC off and get great results. I like to overspeed and you can’t turn SB off with OS on, I think.

Since we can’t clean one learnt media, I don’t use solid burn!!! It pisses me off to clean everything because I baught a new spindle…

It is difficult to vote for only one. It depends on media I use. On Taiyo I disable WOPC (I find that this improve scans) usually (but not always) leaving OS and SB off, whereas on low quality media I try various combinations and use the one that give me best results.

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Oh yes you can or perhaps I should say I can. If you’ve got SB & OS enabled, first disable OS, then disable SB & finally go back to renable OS.

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I agree. I find it almost impossible as I use various media/X’s. Also find with some media different batches react dissimilarly to previous ones.

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Hopefully BenQ will get the message & include a way to add/remove media, + plus an increase in total number wouldn’t go amiss.

Thanks zebadee

I also had similar experiences. Right now I have a box of RICOHJPN R03 with high variability between media in the same box. Some of these discs burn well, other are very bad (4 coasters until now :a ).

You missed some options in the poll… I usually go for WOPC On, SB Off, OS Off on crappier media, that’s not listed, and another option, WOPC On, SB Off, OS On, is impossible.

True!!! Hopefully a modo will see your post and fix it!