How do you use the virtual drive in 120%?

what is it, how do you access it and how do you use it.thanks:bow:

It’s a none physical drive that only exists in your computer O/S and memory.

It can be used to try out images that you have created or to run images that you cant burn to a CD because your hardware isn’t up to it.

To access it load up Alcohol. Right hand side options and then Virtual Drive. Make sure that the nmber is 1 or greater.

Reset computer now.

To use it open up explorer and find your new drive. Right click on it and select Mount image. Then open and find your images that you ahve created. Click Open and Hay Presto your image is now loaded and working and it looks as though your original CD is in the drive.

It will act as though it is physically connected to your computer so it will do all of the normal things like autoplaying your images.

Hope this helps.

Are you guys twins or is it just my hard night’s double vision that makes you 2 look alike ? :confused: :bigsmile: