How do you use the pxupdate.exe(DOS Flash) for 716A



I still cant get the pxupdate to work properly in dos .It says ASPI manager not found even i have the adaptec files on the floppy disk.
I contacted plextor europe and they said use the windows utility :a :sad:


Just on the disk or installed? You’ll need a line like “Device=(name and path of driver here)” in your config.sys.

Contact them again! “PXUpdate” for DOS is their software and they are to support it! :a


try the DMA/Jumper things suggested here…


The dma jumper setting still wont let me flash in DOS.ASPI Manager not found.


is there a reason you’re not/don’t want to use the Windows based utility?


I loaded PlexTools Professional XL(14 days trial) 3 weeks ago.I recently formatted and reinstalled the OS.
Now i try to load PlexTools Professional XL it says the trial is over(0 days).So i think that the 716A firmware has lock out PTPXL trial software.
That why i want flash from dos so it will reset the drive to its original state.


have you even tried flashing with the windows flasher? i’m not sure there’s a difference in the result between flashing from DOS versus Windows.

edit: i had the trial of XL installed previously, have done a reformat/reintall of Windows, and just installed the trial again and it allows me to evaluate the product. the trial does nothing to the firmware…

did you import your old registry back or something?


Never mind i think i solved my PTPXL trial software :o .

So when you flash a old/new firmware will it reset the dvd region selector back to 5?


heh, i think i know how you solved your problem…

no, even flashing firmware doesn’t reset the number of avail region selections.


I emailed plextor europe 2 days ago heres what they said;

Deazr Sir,

You need to include a dos aspi layer and an scsi to ide driver.

This utility is mainly used by larger system integrators who need to use
this utility to update hundreds of units in an automated way. If you are
going to update only a few units it is recommended to use the windows

We do not supply the dos aspi layer or scsi2ide driver these are developed
by other companies to make fully functional multple drive update routines.

We do not supply any more information on this issue as this is all we can
officially state.

Best regards,

Gert Poelmans
Support Engineer
Plextor Europe
Excelsiorlaan 9, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium


just use the windows utility…the firmware and XL don’t interact AFAIK…