How do you use the Nero 5.0 0.3 cracks



Ive been have trouble burning some of my Cd's
to CD-R. I download my version at They a many different burning programs. I was wondering that the Nero trouble is maybe because it needs the cracks. Or my burner sucks...
Somebody please help me..


Hey Iam dvdoots friend please read what we wrote then read mine. Im also new to the forum hopefully the URL I gave can help you too find any cracks or other burning programs. My only problem is how does a crack work. I know you download but then what? Does it work automatically?


Just install, the nero, that you downloaded from
You install this, the pc ask to restart your computer, you click ok, restart my computer. Then we is started all again, you start nero, a pop-up box wil appear on the screen. Here your enter , your name, your company, your serial (is included in the mail), and everything should work fine

BTW wich burner do you have?


I have a Philips 4424 internal. I dont have the model number with me now as soon as I get it Ill post it.


I tried the code you gave me and still my burner doesnt burn certain disc.


Nero (Serial# 1777-7601-5747-1969-5122-1617)


Perhaps you should clean your lens