How do you use newsgroups?



Can anyone tell me how to use newsgroups? Where do I start and what do I have to sign up to? How does it even work? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


First of all, Check with your isp to see if they have allow access to newsgroups for the account holders. If they do, (must good ones do). Then pick a news group reader to use for going through newsgroups. You will probably need a little help to set them up. You can go to this link,
They have a tutorial on how to use Agent, sifting through the posts. BTW Agent is pretty easy to set up.
And one more thing - there is a pacth for the program(hint -->

Then just look for stuf like cd, images, movies, games, that type of stuff once you get it configured


Thank you very much and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

A lot of new possibilities have been opened up for me!


you to. not a problem, and one other thing - every once in a while check to see how big the idx and dat files have gotten to be.
From time to time delete some of them. You will see what I mean after you use it for a few days