How do you use DVD RAM disks?



I have a month old GSA-4163B with 104 fw on an XP Pro system.

I burn CD-r/RW, DVD + and - no trouble (even before the FW upgrade) I bought some Panasonic non cartridge 3x speed DVD RAM disks and started dragging data on the drive… I guess about 1.6Gb, successfully, in one session… closed down the PC and next day tried to add some more… the system says the disk is full… though there is over half the disk left unwritten.

Don’t know how to use these disks… Nero? (tried erasing in Nero…went throught the motions but still now can’t see what I dragged over and now can’t add anything. What have I missed?

I only have one drive icon for it on explorer and it says DVD RAM… is this significant or shoud RAM have its own drive?

I’m lost! :sad:

any help appreciated…


To use dvd-ram, you have to either install a dvd-ram driver from Panasonic (there are some threads in this forum where you can find links to it) or much easier: use Nero InCD. Be sure to use the latest version.
Once you have either of those two installed, you can just drag and drop files to a dvd-ram.
It is normal that the drive appears as dvd-ram in explorer. I find it very handy to remember which drive letter is my LG (actually, two of them now) and which is my BenQ.


Either like standard DVD+R/-R or like FAT32 HDD but DVD-RAM disks are like jewels. I don’t use them often but like jewels… :wink:


You can drap and drop right in windows xp with dvd ram discs.


Thanks to you guys… i am up and running with my RAM disk, now!


UDF is preferable to FAT32 as it is more robust and fast and without file limits (in short: superior in every way).

Use the UDF version that will work on every machine you will use (UDF 1.5 only for compatability with Mac OS’ included drivers; 2.0 for Panasonic (Matsushita) drivers and 2.50 or 2.60 for Ahead drivers. Not sure about set-top/standalones but would assume 1.5 and maybe 2.0. The reason to go with UDF 2.50 or later is the Metadata Partition feature for additional speed and data integrity. I am not sure what benefit the Pseudo OverWrite of UDF 2.60 brings.


Blu-ray in South Korea. :slight_smile: (Most appropriate successor of DVD-RAM.)


My Panasonic dvd recorder works with UDF 2.0 formatted dvd-ram, and vice versa, so I can edit my recordings with Nero Vison Express. (Have not checked higher UDF versions yet because I am happy with the Panasonic dvd-ram driver currently installed in my PC.)


IIRC, FAT32 can be faster than UDF when transferring small (less than 50Mb?) files.


Pity a simple DivX/DVD player can’t recognize DVD-RAM.


Hitachi camcorder. Uses both flash memory cards and DVD-RAM disks. It looked so good, until flash memory cards got both larger and cheaper (and Samsung says the current flash memory prices are going to drop to half in two years which will make 4GB memory under US$200.)


Do you have any idea how we are going to use these
16x certified DVD-RAM … !!!
seen at the IFA in Berlin

Panasonic SW-9586

The following photo says: « HDLS will ship soon ! »


Cool they must have sorted out a standard for 16x DVD-RAM

Us LG owners will be able to write to those discs @ a measily 5x and with error checking on will work out to about 2.5x.


Unfortunately older drives will not be able to read or write to the new 16x DVD-RAM media. Oh well.


I’ve tried unsuccessfully numerous times to format a DVD-RAM disk on my LG External Super Multi GSA-5163D using the XP Pro format command for the drive. The error message says “Windows was unable to complete the format”.

The drive is using the Microsoft driver V 5.1.2535.0 dated 7/1/2001

Is there a later driver? I downloaded the Panasonic driver and RAM tools but so far they seem to work only with Panasonic gear, since for example my LG Super Multi doesn’t even appear in the DVDForm window for formatting.

How can I format my Memorex DVD-RAM disks?



That driver by default, will check to make sure you are using a Panasonic DVD writer when you try to install it. It will work with other writers, but it needs to be hacked to remove the check. You can get hacked versions of it here :


Thanks Karangguni, I really appreciate your quick help. I’ve just downloaded it and will try to install it.