How do you use DVD FAB

I can use the program but shrink does not seem to handle the files ripped? What do I do

If you want help, you need to provide more detailed info, other than just saying I am having a problem:
what program and version of assumedly fab are you using
what movie
what error messages are you getting.
can you post log

It is a known problem that sometimes the VIDEO_TS folder created by DVD Fab is not seen as a correct video folder by DVD Shrink. This has something to do with compression and not copy protection. I have also encountered this. What I did was this: I copied the ripped video to an RW disk. Interestingly, DVD Shrink could “see” this already. It is a lengthy process, I know, but I guess you need this to merge 1-2 season disks into one.

Also, one of the recent updates claimed to deal with Shrink compatibility, so maybe if you use an older version first try to update.

After you rip to HD using Fab Decrypter, what are you doing when you open Shrink?