How do you use a torrent site

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Now for another newbie question…how do you download and burn a file from a torrent site onto a dvd? l

How is a torrent site different from say, Kazaa or Limewire?

What is the best torrent site for concert type movies?

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Simply search for what you want on the torrent site (ex. and download the .torrent file.

Run the .torrent file by double clicking it, asuming you have a torrent client (like uTorrent or Azureus) you can form a p2p link to other machines and begin a bit torrent transfer.

Its different from Limewire/Kazaa because they use http protocol and Bit torrent uses it own.


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I like Bitorrent really great software maybe among 2nd or 3rd of the greatest freeware software there IS

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