How do you tell which version of SD2 is on CD?




How do you guys tell which version of SD2 is on the CD?

I d/led ClonyXXL, but it just tells you that the disk has SD2 on it.

Is there a program I can d/l so that I can see whether its 2.51, or earlier, or whatever?

Been out of the running for 18 months or so, since SD2 first came out, and apparently made my Mitsumi 4804TE redundant, but latest CloneCD and the AWS option has put off the day when a new burner is needed at least for a while.

Backed up Operation Flashpoint, and the Gold Upgrade with no hassle whatsoever.




you can use SafediscAnalyser



I’ve got Safedisk analyser v3.4, but the latest version, that copes with is 2.05, and it was made in 2000 sometime!

It asks for some *.icd files, and none of those exist on Op Flashpoint at all.

Is there a later version than this available?

I searched all the posts here and on other forums, and also on the main d/l page but couldn’t find anything. :frowning:




i had heard that opperation flashpoint had some special new protection (i forgot what it was called) and that the disc contained areas that could be read but not wrote by conventionaly writers. this allowed programmers to alow copied games to be played up to a point so people who were misusing backup generators could essentialy sample the game.

has this protection been bypassed by the setting you talk of


according to GameCopyWorld Operation Flashpoint has SafeDisk v.2


Operation Flashpoint also uses FADE protection from what it says on the box and when you launch the game.

not to sure about the FADE protection though, copyed the game using standard sd2 settings in clonecd and also checked off read data subs and audio subs.

game works perfect, no FADING out yet.