How do you tell which Sony CDRs are Taiyo Yuden?



In Hong Kong here, I could only find the 700MB/80min Sony CDRs which comes with 50 disc per pack....

How do I know if they are Taiyo Yuden discs?

Or is there any other brands which uses Taiyo Yuden as well?

Thanks a lot.


you should consider a search on the forum for taiyo yuden… lots of companies use them
also download cdr identifier to read the ATIP to find out a disc’s manufacturer


50 pack spindle?

If it have a screwtop on top the must be unscrewed first to get the cover off, then it’s most likely TY.

Or look at the discs; the plastic near the center hole is a bit “greyish” not clear like most discs.

Or grab the ATIP from the disc if possible.

I don’t think there is other ways to find out…