How Do You Take Off Swedish Subtitles?



i have i believe and swedish subtitle on and english moive how do u take this off? :confused:


[B]Is this the original disc, and you want to watch it without seeing subtitles?[/B]
Yes = insert disc into stand-alone player, select Main Menu, then language options, look for subtitles and select “off”


[B]Do you want to make a copy of the disc without subtitles?[/B]
Yes…please tell us what software you have…for example, do you have Nero or CloneDVD2 etc


no it’s not like that i downloaded a english moive with swedish sub but i think it’s burn into it…and i have nero btw.


You probably should try a blow-torch…that should solve the problem.

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Not all downloads are illegal by any means.

@pimp c
If the file is a single avi file then as you correctly assume the subs will be incorporated into it & I doubt there’s anything to be done with it.


Nor does it mean the download is legal… :wink:
If the OP has given no useful info about it we could assume it is not really legal. :rolleyes: Or could assume otherwise.

I also think the subs are hardcoded into the movie, but without knowing the title I cannot say, huh.


I don’t know what your movie, but I load some movie for russia.
And have subtitle in russian and file same movie file.
I load subtitle in english ( and replace from russian subtitle.