How do you store your DVD's?

I’ve read a lot about deterioration of discs through poor handling and storage, chemical breakdown of jewel cases, don’t store horizontally, heat, sunlight etc etc. I’m currently using this DJ style case from SVP, holds 120 discs in 2 disc plastic sleeves with a very smooth disc face liner, is there any chance of damage due to the disc face touching something, other than that, they’re in the dark,cool,vertical and no chance of knocks.

I’m interested in any replies also.
I’ve been thinking about the paper envelopes with the plastic view area, and put them in a “good” case holding about 70 to 100 of them.
I’ve also considered just using a paper envelope, which would let me put notes on the front, and just an Id # on the dvd itself.
The 25 disc spindles seem quite nice and managable too.
The 50 and 100 spindles I have are just too thick for me to handle.

i think jewel cases are just fine. why store dvd’s in bags or cases? everytime you get them out, you’ll run the risk of scratching the surface ecpecially when dvd’s are kind of more fragile than cdr’s. cdr’s however i do store in bags w/~200 pcs.

I found a really good deal at CompUSA several years ago on these plastic CD Sleeves that have a cottony backing, so your disc isn’t experiencing any scatching against paper:

Link to Fellowes soft CD/DVD envelopes at CompUSA:

I bought about 500 of them, so I’m set for awhile. Drawers I use are IKEA Moppin/Mackis drawers. If you can find the Moppin drawers, get those, the only difference is they do not have the name placard on the front and are $6 less.

Link to Mackis drawers:

I too use non woven backed sleaves they work very good and take up minimal space. I get mine here sleeves

The ones SVP sell have a soft lining in plastic - the disc front surface apparently being placed against this cloth lining - the dye surface facing the inner plastic. The dye side does get cruffed.

I store mine in DVD cases and avoid sleeves altogether - I’ve yet to come across any sleeves that don’t scratch the disc in some way. With cases the readable disc surface is never in contact with anything and therefore cannot be scratched.

What’s cruffed?

The DJ style cases at SVP have sleeves which hold the disc write surface against the soft material, the top of the disc is then viewable through the plastic front. I find the process of removing/replacing the disc against the material removes any tiny debris present, it’s extremely smooth. It may be stupid but the more careful I try to be with jewel cases the more I scuff the disc across the plastic some how, but mainly, a few hundred jewel cases take up a lot of space.

if the top of the disc gets damaged anyhow, the dvd might not be readable anymore.

true that :wink:

True that is also, but it’s only thin plastic, not sandpaper.

Isn’t the recording layer on DVD’s sandwitched in between those 2 thick plastic layers ? I mean, i know that this prolem can occour on CDz where the dye layer is right on top but, on DVD, it’s in the middle and it’s not supposed to be affected.


This is right, from what I’ve read a dvdr top surface is not as delicate as a cdr. I think it’ just good practice to look after the whole thing, as I wrote in another post, these taiyo yuden unbranded are so sensitive to greasy marks it encourages you to be very careful with them.

I just store mine in large CD/DVD Folders. I would waste so much space if I tried to keep them in individual cases. As for scratching the discs when you pull them out? Just be careful with them. Don’t yank them out right over the zipper and above all make sure that the case folder is of decent quality. I know that some of the cheaper made ones really can scratch up the discs but I have a Case Logic folder and a Fellows and both seem to be decent (although the case logic is better).

As old as this thread is, it is still quite valid.

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