How do you store your backups?


I’m going to have 2 copies of all my dvds. Should I keep the copies I want as backup on binders or just put them in the spindle case? Would it hurt the discs if it’s stacked up so high? Like the bottom disc made break or something?

How do you guys store your backups?

I too keep two copies, as well as the originals - on different brands/manufactured discs if possible. :slight_smile:

The originals - “everyday use” discs - are stored in a box, in plastic wallets, one set of back ups is stored in slim jewel cases on a shelf, in a cool dark room…and the other set of backups is stored at my mum’s house, in wallets, in a box.

They all seem to be holding up very well, even the “everyday use” discs, since I switched to quality media (thanks to the guys here at CDF :flower: ).

Oh, and all discs are stored vertically…not on top of one another. :wink:

No idea if this is the best way, but as I say, it works very well for me!

In my opinion, wallets are the evil. They can scratch or, worst, warp discs.

The best option is a single jewel case for each disc. This is cumbersome, but is the best method.

Keep your media away from direct sunlight (UV light can damage discs). Black cases should help to protect better from light.

Avoid to make dirty your discs, mostly avoiding fingerprints and dust on data surface.

If you can, don’t burn your discs to full them completely: the most peripheral part of the disc is the sector in which is more probable data corruption, and in peripheral zones is easier to leave fingerprints. A good thing to reduce this risk is to burn max 4 GB on a disc. This can be a little paranoic behaviour, but who care if you can avoid data losses? :bigsmile:

I must admit, if I had more storage space, I wouldn’t use them. My home is fairly small, though :sad:

Saying that, the backups are rarely taken out (except to scan, or create a new “Everyday use” disc), so I’d hope any scratching as it’s removed from the wallet is kept to a minimum. :slight_smile:

And this is the main responsible of warping. Leaving a disc for a lot of time in a warped position will damage definitely the disc.

If you have LPs, then you can easily understand how easy is to warp a plastic disc. With LP, however, the problem is relative; tracks are macroscopic, and can be still read, but the microscopic tracks of a DVD can easily become unreadable.

Space is the main problem in storing backups. My suggestion is to store all your backups in single jewel cases, and store all cases vertically in a box; you can store the box where there is a little of space available, like under a bed. In this way, discs are not warped, the box protect them from the dust and from the light, and you can save a little of space in your shelves.

Actually, I do have a lot of spare slim jewel cases. I’ll see how many of my backups I can store in them. I remember well how LPs used to warp :eek:

Cheers, Geno…even if only one set of backups is stored in jewel cases, I guess it’ll help. :slight_smile:

For the everyday using disc can be useful to save space this box. It’s not the very best, but it really can save many space.

It’s slightly smallest than a regular jewel box, and can contain 2 discs. I use them for the discs that I keep in my shelves. And can also contain a label :wink:

Oh man. I’ll need to buy a lot of jewel cases :frowning:

How do you label slim dvd cases? they are sooooo slim to write on

Another solution can be cakebox, but only with few discs. Not more than 25. I’d suggest better the little cakeboxes that contain max 10 discs. In this way you need a lesser number of cases, and it’s still a good solution.

But cakeboxes are unpractical. If you need the lowest disc it’s necessary to remove all discs from the box. Unpractical, but still a good solution.

EDIT: If you follow the link I posted, these boxes have a transparent sleeve to insert labels.

I like that cakebox idea. Right now I can get 10x 10pc cakeboxes for 5.99cad and with these I can label them easier.

thanks for the tip

This is what’ll do:

Everyday use discs will go in my binders and backups will be stored in small cakeboxes.

It’s the cheapest solution for me.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve decided the “everyday” discs can stay in their wallets in the box (and in jewel cases, there’s a mixture stored both ways), one set of backups can also stay in their wallets in their box, but the last set of backups (my “best set” - TY and MCC media only!) can go into slim jewel cases.

I finally found a box in my house that will hold slim jewel cases nicely. Whew!

So, a mixture of store solutions for me, one’s gotta be good at least :bigsmile:

I use this case:

I have tested burns after a year with no significant change in the scans. I have also inserted a disc over 1000 times and looked for scratches under magnification; none seen. The cases are loose and hang vertically so warpage is nil if any. Lastly, managable in size and at $40 delivered, they are cheap.

I store most of my discs in 25pc cake boxes. So far up to a year plus and no degradation issues. I have fairly long fingers, so I don’t have a problem picking up 24 discs to get to the one at the bottom.

That looks like an awesome storage case! If only it’s available here in canada :frowning:

Yeah, I have one like that (that’s what I meant by “in wallets, in a box”…I should have phrased it better :bigsmile: ) - only holds 200, though. As you say, I haven’t seen any noticeable deterioration either, so one set of my backups will remain there.

When you said “wallet” I thought that you were referring to something like this.

The method suggested by [B]Chas[/B] is very interesting, and actually I’m considering one of these box :iagree:

Haha, no…sorry, I didn’t know how to describe it :bigsmile: