How do you store your backup CD-Rs?

I am wondering if it is ok to store CD-R backups in CD folders/wallets.

I buy my CD-Rs on spindles, so i don’t have any jewel box cd covers i could store them in. Until now i have been storing my back-ups in CD wallets, but i have noticed that the discs have some scratches (very light) caused by the CD wallet when i insert and remove the discs. There is also dust on all of my CD-Rs that are stored in CD wallets.

Should i use Jewel Box CD covers for my backups, instead of CD wallets?

I use CD wallets myself and I don’t have any problems with them. But if you want the best, you should go for jewel cases. Here’s an excerpt from the OSTA:

Discs should be stored in jewel cases rather than sleeves as cases do not contact the discs’ surfaces and generally provide better protection again scratches, dust, light and rapid humidity changes. Once placed in their cases discs can be further protected by keeping them in a closed box, drawer or cabinet.

Jewel cases ( ordinary/slim ) is business as usual.

I’ve been keep my CD in wallets for some time. Light scractches usually do not harm the disc that much. From what i found the thing that ruin discs more is heat/direct light to these discs. Of course, assuming that each layer of CDR is sealed completely.

Also, I used to use wrong kind of marker on CD, that ruin quite a few of CD.

I use spindles for backups.