How do you set up a connection between your xbox and your pc?!?!

i was wondering if anyone knew how to set up a connection between my pc and my xbox

yes i have it set up correctly
i just dont understand how to get it to work with craxtion 4

help will be greatly appreciated :bigsmile:

well if you got a router it’s much easier vs using a crossover cable.

but if your trying to transfer in game .ISO files and stuff of this sort i would recommend you use Quix with Avalaunch as those work pretty well together as far as loading a iso in quix and then transfering it to the xbox.

me personally i use XBMC (with MC360 skin. makes it look like the xbox360’s interface) as a dashboard.

but as far as Craxtion it’s been a while since it used it… but if it aint working i would try another dashboard on your xbox (like XBMC or UnleashX etc) and make sure the craxtion network settings are setup correctly etc with the username/password and port etc.

p.s. if your planning on transferring a decent ammount of stuff to and from the xbox i would strongly recommend getting a router (i recommend linksys) as that makes it soooo much easier and convenient… plus you can stream video files that are located on the pc end of things and watch them on the xbox through XBMC etc. u just gotta setup file shareing blah blah blah :wink:

ok i got a router and its linksys (kinda coincidence)

i got avalaunch but i need to know about the port and the username and pass i dont know which ones to use

thanks for the reply :bigsmile:

i think i figured it out what my problem is

i went and downloaded qwix and i made it auto detect my connections and it doesnt show up with anything

anything i can do?

well the default username/passwords are “xbox” (without the " ) and port is 21. (this is basically the default for all dashboards on the xbox console as far as i know)

then you should be able to connect… with that router u can setup static ip’s or just jet DHCP do all the assigning of ip’s for you on avalaunch (unless you know how to setup a static ip, i got a static ip myself but this should not matter. main reason i like Static IP’s is that the xbox’s ip address never changes unlike the DHCP assigned ones ) … but once the DHCP gets the ip address it should show (if memory serves me right) in the bottom left corner area of the screen on avalaunch… then just use this ip address in Quix and it should connect.

but anyways once you sort all that out… on Quix you can just “edit” the connection (if u already made one, if not, just ADD a connection and go from there) and adjust the ip settings etc there

when i said i had avalaunch i meant that i have it downloaded

but how do you put avalaunch on the xbox