How do you run exe's from a cd? (copied to cd)



i used clonecd to turn Halo.img\Halo.ccd\Halo.Sub files into what’s supposed to be the game, it copied everything perfectly, but when i try to run halo setup from the cd it says “e:/setup.exe is not a valid win32 application”…what should i do to be able to run the files on the disk??


that message means theres something wrong with the .exe itself normally a good condition exe file will run just as you would run any exe it doesnt matter if its on cd or not eitherway it should run just the same , the game most likely copy protected scan it with a-ray and report results


@ natep - Read this thread

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i just saw this previous thread of his
and i tought hes tryin to back up an original and he meant “cd” as a mounted image after he created it my bad :o