How do you rip?

I have ripped using DVDShrink on my 716.But Shrink won’t read this DVD.Tried DVD Decrypter,but it makes an ISO file and won’t burn it to DVD,say’s it’s too big!What am I doing wrong?Sorry if this has been answered before,tried search and none of the results seemed to match!Thanks!


You have to go to file mode in dvd decryptor if you dont want iso …
dvdshrink might not be able to do it because it might have sonys new protection on it ARccOS…
Dvd decryptor and anydvd can handle this as yet dvdshrink cannot…

Your DVD is too big to fit on a DVD Recordable.
Shrink rip your DVD but also reduce it for you.
That’s why you can’t burn directly the ISO that you have made with DVD-Decrypter.
For bypass the ARccOS protection, just make an ISO with DVD-Decrypter, then in shrink press ctrl + i (or click File->Open Disc Image…) and finally choose the ISO you’ve just made.
Now you can “Shrink” it.

Alternatively, you can do it in file mode for both DVD-Decrypter and Shrink.

Last thing : Try a CCE encoder instead of Shrink (like DVD-Rebuilder for example), it gives better quality on huge compression.
Anyway that’s not the purpose of this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for posting in wrong forum!But I figured I would get a quick answer here!!Thanks.I’ll give that a try!!