How do you RIP just a small part from DVD?



I would like to know if it is possible to just rip few little scenes from a movie. Like songs from Indian movies???

Rather than to rip all the dvd which is rather hard, and i dont have as much space for full 4 gigs etc.

Please share your information and show me the way


If the Song your after is one chapter on the DVD (play it and jump from Chapter to Chapter), then with DVD DEcrypter or SmartRipper, just rip the appropriate chapter only (using IFO Mode).



But my question was how to rip just the 2 mins of clips were the women is smiling etc. u know:D

and this cell opetion does it really work, i have smart ripper and dvd dycrpter. any help is appericated.

thanks mod chikenman


Originally posted by aj2001
…and this cell opetion does it really work,…

Yes it does, did you actually try it?


i did my man.
But it was a bit too much for me to understand so i used dvdx a software that makes dvd to vcd and just made a full vcd.

The quility as auwfull and it tuck abt 14 hours. and it used my dvd drive again and again.
I wont try it again, esoecialy with movies which are 7 gigs.:Z …

thanks for your input, I have to play around with these tools, but what is your no1 choice smart or dycrypter.



i’ve used both many times… dycrypter is by far better…

as for DVDx… rip the movie to your hardrive first THEN use dVDx on it.

one really lazy (and simple) way of just getting the certain scenes from a dvd is to rip it, convert it with DVDx and load it into VirtualDub and save the pieces of it you want as indivual .avi files… VirtualDub will let you easily cut out parts of the movie and save it seperately…


:slight_smile: Thanks great tips there.

BTW I didnt know but there are quite few utils there that allow you to split the vob file. you just have to search for vob split etc and then get a page with full listings etc. I cant remember the sites but google will do the trick.

I havent tried these tools but great, i think as you dont have to convert the full 1 gig vob file just rip it and slit it etc then use what ever tool to make it in to the vcd format.

Hope this helps someone.