How do you rip DVD'S to disk to view them with Cyberlink from PC

Hey, guy’s first post! Could you fellas please tell me what the preffered software for ripping DVD’S to HDD so that you can view movies in Windows with Cyberlinks Power DVD?

I wish to start a movie Archive on my Areca Raid Controller Storage array that I can view at any time from my PC or Burn to disk also at any given time if need be.

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I’ve no problem to watch commercial DVD’s on computer with Cyberlinks Power DVD 5.
What are you aiming at?

[I]Edit.[/I] As per the second part of your post check out this forum section. I still use RipIt4Me. :smiley:

Hey, I wish to take DVD Movies and Rip them to My Raid Array for archive collection and be able to play them from Hard Disk or Burn a copy of a movie if I wish. How do I go about ripping DVD’S to Hard drive so they are viewable and burnable?

Use any 1 of a dozen programs in the CopytoDVD movie forum. The search function is your friend.:iagree:

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anyone else with ant input please? Just really looking for software ideas on really good apps for what I want to do!

Try DVDFab HD Decrypter. It is free and still being updated. Found here:

Rip with RipIt4Me in .iso mode. Mount .iso in Daemon Tools to view with any software player you desire. When ready to burn, burn to disc with ImgBurn.

Why do you need Daemon tools to mount it in whats the point of that program?
Isn’t there any way just rip it to disk and view the Movie file? Or do you have to copy it to Blank DVD first and remove the encryption and protection and then store it on to disk drive in order to get the results I want? I have used DVD FAB Decrypter and stored to disk before but they were written to ISO File and I could not just play the Movie from my Hard drive thats why I am asking these questions in this thread!

An .iso is basically an image of a DVD. In order for Power DVD to play that image it must be mounted in a virtual drive. Daemon Tools will create a virtual drive for you to mount that image on (just like putting a DVD in a DVD Player). If you insist on viewing your movies on Power DVD then this is the proper procedure for doing so. BTW, all the tools I mentioned are freeware so I don’t understand your reluctance to try them.

There is no reluctance I just want to understand what the deal is with this and have some what of a working knowledge of why certain things are used over others! This is just one area of the computer I have not gotten into yet and I find it better to ask questions and get pointed in the right general direction and have some what of a understanding of whats what and then start reading and building upon the suggestions of people with working knowledge of what I am asking.

With that said can you bypass the use of software like Daemon Tools if you use a program like DVDFAB to break the encryption and protection and write directly to blank DVD then rip the contents to Hard Drive will at that point will you be able to view the contents from a media player without a program like DAEMON Tools?

Just to let ya know I don’t just install software on my rigs haphazzardly just because they are free!

If you want to play your DVD on your PC with Power DVD you must use an .iso mounted in a virtual drive. If your open to using other software for viewing your DVD then VLC Media Player will play an .iso without mounting the image in a virtual drive. If you rip your DVD in file mode then you can view the movie with Windows Media Player by opening the VIDEO_TS.IFO file with it. There are quite a few options to choose from if you are flexible with what softwares you are willing to use.

This is not correct. PowerDVD has the option to play movies ripped to the hard drive in file mode. I do this all the time, since I use PowerDVD 7 as my main dvd player on my computer.

And DVDFab HD Decrypter can rip the entire movie to the hard drive in file mode, not as an ISO. So the two programs combined can work for brother esau in the manner that he wants.

Right on guy’s keep it coming! No I am not opossed to different Media players as long as they are stable and without issue! I say Power DVD because I happen to like it but not locked into anything as things change so rapidly these days with the technology but thats what Utorrents for hehehe :bow:

@kerry56 …hey hows about some more details on what you said please? :slight_smile:

I stand corrected. I have an older version of Power DVD (4.0), and when I right click the VIDEO_TS.IFO file and select open with Power DVD it opens the program and does nothing else.

brother esau, it really is an easy process, virtually self-explanatory if you just explore the programs. DVDFab HD Decrypter can rip the entire movie. Put a commercial dvd in the drive and open the program. Your dvd should show up in the source. The mode you use is Full Disk. Now pick a target by clicking on the folder icon next to the target line. I usually make a new directory on one of my hard drives using the name of the movie. Start the ripping process. This will give you the whole movie in file mode, uncompressed, in your target directory.

To view it in PowerDVD, start PowerDVD, then hit the small icon that looks like a dvd drive at the bottom of the window (or hit Control O). This will give you a drop down box with several options, including Open Movie File on Hard Disk Drive. Navigate to the directory and click on it, then hit ok.

Hey, thanks allot for the insight Kerry I appreciate you’re time, actually that goes for all of you guy’s for that matter! :bow: