How do you restore items in recycle bin

i got items in my recycle bin that wont restore? how do i restore them?

[B]i got items in my recycle bin that wont restore? how do i restore them?[/B]

Highlight the file you want to restore and then click on [B]Restore This Item[/B].

do you get some kind of error message?

under normal circumstances you canhighlight the file you wish to restore and go to File>Restore item. Alternately you can right click the item directly and there should be a restore option in the right click menu.

[B]i am able to highlight file but i can’t restore the file. i think it is a setting some where . what do i do ?[/B]

Can you give more information?

these are not normal circumstances. i am unable to restore and go to File>Restore item?

why not? can you be more specific? you’re not being very clear as to what exactly the problem is.

are there error messages?
does this happen for ALL files that you send to the recycle bin? just specific files? specific filetypes?

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What antivirus are you using? Many are bundles with programs for simple undeleting etc. that might do better. there are also ones with free trials that might help depending on how much you need to recover. Is this on a data drive, or your main drive?


Was wondering when someone was going to do that.

[B]all files that are sent to the recycle bin i am not able to restore or send out of the recycle bin. its not a fire wall thing i think it is a settings problem. i changed some settings on my computer to make it more secure and now i for got how to fix it. i still can not get any thing out of the bin i don;t know why?

you’re still not telling us anything.

do you get any error messages when you try to restore?
is the restore option just not there?
when you said you changed some setting to make it more secure, what does that mean? what settings did you change? what were you securing?

you just keep telling us “it won’t work” and we need more information than that.