How do you remove riplock with Memorex d2 16x external player

Hey everybody!My first post here.I was looking around and found this forum that looks like it has some pretty useful advice.My question is that I just bought a Memorex d2 external player and I read that there is a riplock on it,but alot of these firmware updates are just for nec,and light on drives.Are there any for Memorex burners?Thanks for any help!

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There are two versions of 16x “D2” Memorex external drives.

Use Nero InfoTool to identify you firmware. Post in your next post.
(Make sure you turn on power to enclosure before you execute this app.)

Thanks for the response…it says my firmware is jws6. Im guessing that is the newest firmware?

does anybody know?? Also should I turn my power off on the burner everytime I turn my pc off…or is it ok to leave it on?

Your drive is a rebadged Liteon 1673 drive, which can also be crossflashed to a 1693 firmware. Look for the details in the Liteon forum, firmwares are available at Do not forget to make a backup of your firmware and eeprom settings, details are in the Liteon FAQ.
Crossflashing voids your warranty.

ok…thanks for the help…Im pretty sure Ill just take it back to the store if anything goes wrong with it so Ill try it out…which one of these do I need to take the riplock off?
LiteOn SOHW-1693S (Looking for 1673S@1693S?)
• KS02/KS04 - stock (old)
• KS09/KS0A - stock (old)
• KS0B - stock
• KS0B - patched - crossflashing (for 1673S, etc.)
• KC4B - patched - improved +/-R burn quality (for 1673S, 1693S, Sony 800A, etc.)