How do you put a 3.15GB files on a cd? or maby 5?



How do you put a 3.15GB files on a cd? or maby 5?

I downloaded the World of warcraft installer from the site and wont to delete it of them computer but also put it on a cd or a few cds so i can install it when ever i wont.

How do i do so?

a few questions i would like to ask is can u buy 665mb+ cd? because its got 5 files around the size of 665mb.

If that would work could i copy the stuff of the cd back on to my computer??

Thanks - please answer questions and any ideas you got thanks


any 1? please help me


On such CDs, there’s one block of data files that are referenced several times. The filing system sees them as separate files and adds them all up to the 3.15GB or whatever.

To me it sounds like you are playing with an illegal download. Please read the forum rules again before pursuing this question.


Why do you want to have almost CD in one? do you know then you are compromising the quality of you final Burnt product?, can’t you burn it in DVD media?.


This is not a problem of quality loss through compression. The same data files/folders are simply referenced many times.


For the monthly cost of a WoW subscription, you could buy yourself a DVDWriter and stop messing around backing up huge files and spend more time on WoW.

But if you must waste your own time, Use winrar or Winzip and add the lot to a RAR archive with 650 or 700MB split filesize limits (depending on the CDR’s you have).

Most CDR’s you get these days are 700MB’s anyway.