How do you pronounce "BenQ"?

sorry for the dumb question but I just bought a DW1640 and I’d like to know how to pronounce “BenQ” …

is it “BEN-KYOO” or “BENK” or “BENKY” or what??

thanks :confused:

Did a search and found this thread:

Say Benq ! How ?

I’ve always pronounced it Ben-Q.

Lol … “BENKY” is a new one to me. Maybe it’ll catch on … :bigsmile: .

I believe it is actually pronounced Ben-Q, at least I’ve seen BenQ EU staff call it that along with some of what looks like the top brass from Taiwan in a promo video.

Yeah it is Ben-Q, although I call it Benk, too lazy to bother with two syllables :wink:

Ben Que with the Q pronounced exactly as you would say the letter.