How do you organise your disks?

I wasn’t sure that this was the best forum for this but I guess that it is kind of a casual topic. I have noticed that like me, many of you are junkies.
As for me, while I have a little bit of software that is expensive, I have shitloads that is either old or cheap. I work at a clearance store that gets old 98 games and sometimes older xp games cheap (plus I get 20 percent off). As an example, I got civilazation 3 for 30$ at frys and two months later they got it at work for 10$ (8$ with my discount) and it was still 30$ at fry’s (some stores had it as cheap as 20$ though). They get slews of games and software for 4$. Mainstream vhs movies for 2$. dvds as cheap as a dollar (I recently got a 25 pack of old scifi movies for 16$ with two movies per side so 100 movies. I am a pack rat. I still have movies from when I was a small child (not many but a few), back in the days when the the only vcr’s were 2000$ and total shit quality (consumer anyway). I have been a software junkie, movie junkie etc. forever. Last time we moved, we had about 7 boxes (large boxes) of vhs movies and at least a dozen smaller boxes of disks (dvd, software etc.). I have tried to make backups of all my software so that I could pack away the originals and use the copys and have never succeded (to much to copy and organize). Same for dvd, data and downloaded shit. God knows what is where.
This is not a newbie thread (how do I store my 50 disks). This is a I have a thousand disks and have to search for an hour anytime I try to find anything and have decades of accumulated shit thread. I have tried many labeling systems, various cases and wallets, books, sleves, tower case holders (I don’t think I have even unpacked all of it from when I moved last (and cannot find my shit).
So for all of you who are trully mentally ill, have decades of accumulated shit and have tried many ways to organise it, how do you do it. Throw it away is not welcome on this thread but I am such a pack rat my wife throws my shit away behind my back is. Hopfully I will be able to transfer all my vhs to dvd within the next year or two so it can be packed away (you didn’t think I was going to throw away the originals, did you).
I’m not nessasarilly looking for the best shelf or library software or case. Just a discussion of how everybody generally does it. I have too many stacks of dvd or spindles of burned stuff (I’m starting to think that spindles might be a cheap and decent alternative for series stuff). Various shelf, software or case recomendations are welcome but haven’e we tried them all?
Horror stories about dealing with the stuff, or your wife throwing it out or acidentally running it over when you last moved are of course welcome too.
Anybody wany tell about thier version of the madness???

music cds -> jewel cases
dvd’s -> dj box
programs -> wallets
burned cds -> spindles

Apps,dvd’s - CD/DVD Wallets(folders or sleeves or whatever they’re called)
Cd’s - thin-line jewel cases

I’m kind of having fun tonight. We live in a two bedroom apartment (for 1.5 years). The second bedroom is conprized of storage (anything I leave out for more than a day gets randomlly boxed up). Now that she is pregnant and due may, we have to turn the second bedroom into a nursery. The media has be dealt with to make room for other stuff. The other stuff ought to be difficult to unpack because she just keeps randomly repacking shit (not any more). So the media has to be organized to make room. She already came up with the plan to split the room, half nursery, half storage (it’s too small of a room). Fyi there are tolls, chemicals and all the normal male shit too. I want the nursery for our first child too but now she has to unpack and organise my stuff (and hers), rather that packing my stuff away. Gota go, getting yelled at!!! I told her to keep me on track and off the computer tonight.

With a baby coming your lucky she’s not throwing your media away. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

She wouldn’t do that, (at least not in my presence). All kinds of my shit disapears and I have to wonder, did she pack it away, or did she throw it away? Her own mother told her that you cannot win (about 2 3-4 years ago). She said, if he won’t put his own stuff away, just put it in a box out of the way, that way he cannot accuse you of throwing it away (I used to actually take garbage bags and dump them out on the floor when we were first married, opps, you threw away a 50$ snapon wrench you bitch!!!). So we have an agreement (sortof). If it sits out for more that 2.3 seconds she may move it or pack it away. Then I try to find it and when I cannot, I buy another. I have several of the same items. shit happens. Time to organise!!!We got the two bedroom so she could use the second for storage (under deress) now it has to be a nursery so she has to unpack it all (8 years of boxed up shit). We gota organise the media though as it is somewhat organized and tieing up every shelf avalable!!!You want shelf space to unpack, organise the media. I’m still at a loss how to organise it though. I’ll just play it by ear.

Got 9 of those one-touch 120 black & Silver disc boxes from Hipce for my valuable stuff, inc mp3’s on Dvd, a couple of 520 & a 630 aluminium Dj Box for my Dvd’s, now I believe they doing a 1000 disc box…
In my opinion, it dosen’t matter how many discs they get in a box, if you can’t access it from the front it ain’t worth shit, as stackable boxes are no use, as you can only ever get at the one on top…!
If anyone has any other ideas for mass storage…let me know…
Perhaps a motorised underground storage facility…???

Now there’s an idea…Even if they break your front door down :cop: there would be nothing to see…Hmmmm. Remember you saw it here first though…lol


Not a bad idea.

ripit,that’s cool ya’ll at least have an understanding.That’s better than most do.

That djbox sounds nice but it sounds expensive. I’m a cheap bastard so I cannot really justify paying 3 times as much as the cost of the media to protect it. I wold rather make multiple backups. then again, I havent sucesfully made one complete backup of my originals so who knows. I’m thinking movies in cd cases, series (tv or other) in those book type dvd wallet things (soft cd book with a hard back so it will stand up on a shelf, capacity 40-50 disks. Now to the software problem. I have two giant cd rack towers right next to my computer. the hold about 125 disks (and the fit twice as many slim line cases. The problem is how to organise). We actually quit organizing the disks. She put forth such an effort, I think she helped me more than she has ever in a few hours. The idea of it helping clear the back room for her nursery seems to help.

movies in case

games in case

apps in case

old games =spindels
new games=cases
old software=spindels
new software=cases

All my original discs are in their cases in an old cardboard box at the moment. My backups are in a Case Logic folder thing.

DVD Games: By computer, on windowsill
DVD Movies: By computer, on windowsill
Music: (dont have any normal CDs, all on iPod)
Burned DVD/CDs: In slimline cases

Mine’s are lying around very untidily.

Hmmm,… Reading above posts, I think i shoud tidy this place up.

DVD BAckups in cases

Software in a binder and spindles

Anime in Disc Boxes with sleeves

Could i suggest getting a large hard drive especially for this job
Zip (or RAR) all the files and catogories them on this hard drive that way when you want them they are their in front of you. (no more rumaging round looking for a certain disk.) p.s the more stuff you have the longer it will take (well dur lol)

Thats the funniest thing I have ever heard (If you knew me personally you would laugh too). I have 580 gig of hard drive space (I could add another 160 gig if I unraided the two 160gig hitachi’s (raid 1)) and its getting to be just about full. My computers much more less organized than my disks. I am actually planning on burning some of it to dvd to free up hard drive space. I also just need to go through it all. A lot of it can just be deleted.
nymac11, thats a hell of an idea. I need to segregate older stuff that I don’t use much to spindles or something. I also need to figure out what software requires a disk to run (like many games), make sure I have copies of those and archive the originals. The maybe use a cd book (the ones that have like 50 pages with 4 cd’s per page) for the copies. Thier is nothing worse that not being able to play a game because you cannot find the friggin disk. Another thing I have done is segregated any kind of utility, os, driver etc. disks into cd sleaves (not the paper ones, the plastic and cloth ones that kind of look like the pages out of a cd wallet). Those sleaves actually work pretty damn good. I was kind of thinking of trying to find a box the width and height of a cd but maybe a foot long. I could do it like a file cabnet droor with dividers and tabs at the top for where shit is at (using the sleaves). I would think that it could hold a lot and be pretty compact. I haven’t tried it though so I am not sure how well that would work out.
Mr. Horse, I wish I could have everything backed up like that and store away the originals. I have actually tried a few times but have never sucessfully got through it all. I probably buy a few movies and or software programs a week (admitedlly a lot of it is older cheap stuff and or used) but over the years I have accumulated more than I know what to do with.

just plain chaos…!

I took a look at those dj boxes. I guess I was expecting something diffrent. They actually look like they would work pretty well and are not that expensive. I might have to look into a couple small ones. They look like they would work good for stuff you don’t use often and want to store away but may need to access at any time.

mp3’s : spindles
porn : spindles
operating systems : spindles
dvd’s : dvd jewel cases
xbox : dvd jewel cases
(s)vcd : cd jewel cases
games: original casing