How do you open an I/O Magic External case?

I have an chance to get a free external I/O Magic case if I can get it open without destroying it. Has anybody ever opened up one of these and can the
drive inside be removed and another one installed in its place. It looks like the thing is held together by 4 screws in the back but I have never opened one of these up. I would love to stick one of my extra drives inside it.

remove 4 screws after you can see it how to remove top case ( slide top case )
and it working other drive too ( I did NEC & LG it works )

Cool, a friend of mine bought it for the Benq 1655 inside and I get to keep the
external case. Thanks for the info, now I just have to figure out which burner to put inside.

Looks like a hard choice looking at you sig :slight_smile:

You have any SATA burners?

No Sata burners yet but I think I’m gonna try a Pioneer 111L and see if I can get the same results that I have been getting on the DL Verbs when I use them internally. I have been getting about 400-500 pifs and none of my other burners
can even come close to that.