How do you open a .bin file?

what program do i need to open a .bin firmware file. i have used binflash but not sure if that would open the file or if it’s just needed to flash the drive. i hate to keep bothering people but i need help and from what i gather that’s what this is for. forgive me if it takes me a while to understand any responses. i have an extraction program to extract the file but when i run binflash it says error opening firmware program. i only have the laptop (dell inspiron 9300) so i can’t take the drive out and use the ide connector to a desktop. my firmware version says it is 0.05 which isn’t a legitimate nec nd 6650a version. i was having problems with the drive so i updated the firmware from dell’s support page. honestly i thought i was updating the driver but later found out the difference and the risks involved with possibly flashing the wrong firmware. it was the only version dell had for my drive v103c. halfway through the flashing it said there was an error and ever since drive has been useless. the light just flashes steadily. “my computer” use to list the drive as cd/dvd combo but now just says cd drive. according to device manager it’s working fine but it’s not. please help

You have to use the program that created it.

alan, any idea what that might be? it was the dell oem