How do you merge audio with avi file in V-Dub?

Help me? :slight_smile:

I tend to use VdubMod for this & it would be the following steps:-

. Open the video file
. go to Streams & Stream List and the Add.
. then go to Video & tick Direct Stream Copy
. save as new name

[B]Here it is four years later and your answer helped me immensely!!![/B]
[B]Thank you so much!![/B]:clap:

That brings me to the question why you didnt use the Virtual Dub GUIDE immediately and in first place?!!??

[B]Just did a search for adding audio to avi yesterday!! Started out with Pinnacle Video Spin (waste of time) and then found your forum. Took the time to thank TimC for something he wrote 4 years ago. The “S” on my chest doesn’t stand for Superman, but also definitely doesn’t stand for STUPID:disagree:… Thank you Tim!![/B]

For a newer alternative, Avidemux or Avimux Gui are just a couple more to try that work great(IMO)…
However (drum-roll), whatever works or floats [I]your[/I] boat!..
uhh, I mean
T. :bigsmile: