How do you merge a double sided DVD using DVDFAB Platinum



I lost, I have DVD/FAB Platinum and I can not figure how to merge a double sided DVD to burn onto a single DVD. Any help much appreciated.


Read the thread below


Here is a link to the step-by-step instructions I wrote for another poster: again if this does not help.


Hi Paul
the link I gave was it not good :confused:


No, no it was fine:iagree: and I appreciate the referral. I just wrote the step-by-step for doing flipper discs the other day and it is easier for first timers to follow than the full tutorial. I’m going to put the step-by-step into the full tutorial when I finish redoing it. Merge can be a little overwhelming for new users.:slight_smile: OT Congrats on #1000!


Yes, and it’s great - just one problem - it won’t burn the disc :smiley: I posted it my question a minute ago in the forum.