How do you manage your Quality scan reports


I am a little bit new here, and only recently discovered the PI/PO scanning.This may be a stupid question LOL.

Anyway I ve been doing some Disc quality scan a tests on my old media at different speeds and also some other transfer tests. I ve wound up with a lot of scan screencaps and reports and its kind of getting messy. I do plan to save these in order to compare them to future test results to see how they perform over time.
This thread on aging media is Intresting. Anyway How do you guys sort and manage all your scan results? Do you just save image files with looong meaningful filenames or do you use some other software for this?

I ve seen some posters say that they have hundereds of disks and run scans on them.wonder how they keep track.

Here’s how I do it (I scan and TRT my media once every six months or so), it’s fairly simple:

I name each scan and TRT according to what’s on the disc, so I end up with 2 files (or screenies) for each one. For example, My Pictures disc 1 would be: My Pictures1_scan and My Pictures1_TRT. Disc 2 would be My Pictures2 etc etc.

When I’ve done all me discs, I just put them all into one folder called something like: Disc Quality Tests July 2009. Names of later tests folders just have the month or year changed.

Really it’s just a case of finding a management system that works for you, but I hope that helps a bit. BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: