How do you manage (not to forget) all your Passwords?


I was just wondering, how you all manage all your Passwords?!

I mean, do you use different passwords in different places (as it should be :wink: ) or do you (nevertheless) use only one or two different passwords?!

If you use many different ones, how do you manage it not to forget them? Do you have Paper-notes, or a document on your pc (uh, this would be really scary unsafe… :wink: )?

Until a few days before, i had many different passwords, stored nowhere but in my head… but for this, they had to have a special system, so that i could always remember them - let’s say, it was a combination from a standard-beginning (every PW startet that way), which had a combination of leTteRS, numbers and special’s like .,-!^ or whatever and then a unique part just for the place it was for…

of course, the more PW’s it are, the more complicated it was to remind them all… :frowning:

so, i started to search, and what i found is (IMHO) really great:
“Password Safe” from

as the name says, it is a little program, that stores all your passwords, you can group them in different categories and do much more funny things with them.

it uses the Blowfish encryption algorithm to make sure, that even if your PW-Data-File should become “stolen” or whatever, noone would get your data without the master password. Blowfish is a fast, free alternative to the DES and IDEA encryption algorithms.

i use this program for 4 days now, and i must say, i love it!

it has more features than i could name here, but now i feel better - instead of remembering of 20 different passwords, i just have to remind 1 (one) and nevertheless can be sure that my pw’s are safe…

and i could make 'em even safer, because the program has a built in passwort generator, which creates “safe” passwords - you can exactly determine, what kind of symbols shall be used to create the password, how long it ist and so on…

this way, you can get off from your “easy to remember passwords” which are normally not very protected against brute-force attacks…

as an example, you let create the program a password like this: )7@)Qe,qW?a<8B
of course, this is hard to crack, but also hard to type :wink: as a feature, the program lets you copy this password to clipboard, so you can paste it into the password field of the site / program you are using… as soon as you exit Password Safe, the clipboard will be deleted and overwritten with zero’s!

well, this was much text now, but i really would like you to try out this program, it’s small, free, fast and easy to use… just start it, create your PW-database and get to the options-dialog, which shows you the complete potential of the program…


Write all eleven down and put the paper in my car trunk.

i remember numbers very well so the 6 passwords/pin numbers i use i store them in my brain. :slight_smile:

My brain keeps them all safe :slight_smile:

Pocket PC and a good software for protection ;).

Use the same password over and over :wink:

Very safe :wink: I just write them down or remember them.

I use the word I hate the most! Motherinlaw…,but don´t tell anyone…

Most common sites i go to i remember but other sites i write down …

It’s all about patterns :slight_smile:

by the way: what ppc, what software (i lover ppc’s… :wink: )

So if somebody steals your car they have access to all you bank accounts, etc.

I never write them down and then I never remember them so I sign up for a new one that I immediately forget.

Remember them all. :iagree:

I’m happy that there is always a “lost your password” button ;).

I don’t. I keep forgetting them over and over again, even if they are deviations from master passwords.
I tend to have an importancy level on passwords. Credit card passwords are pretty much unbreakable and unpronouncable in opposite to email passwords.

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :rolleyes:

The place that I call my mind :bigsmile:


I forget them sometimes, but i keep a note of them in my purse. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re all noted on a sheet of paper.

I remember them all.I only use 3 different passwords so its not to hard.